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Intelliflo Office

Intelliflo Office is a comprehensive practice management platform for financial advisors, centralizing client data and streamlining workflows. With intuitive tools and robust security measures, it empowers advisors to efficiently manage relationships, make informed decisions, and deliver personalized financial guidance.

Financial Planning & Cashflow


Xplan is a powerful financial advice software crafted for advisors, offering intuitive tools to manage client data, create tailored plans, and ensure compliance. Its flexible features span portfolio analysis, investment modeling, goal setting, and document management, empowering advisors to provide personalized and efficient services.

CRM, Financial Planning, Portal & All-in-one

Curo 3

CURO is an end-to-end financial planning/wealth management CRM, financial advice, and back-office system. It is the choice for those businesses wishing to leverage modern digital technologies to underpin their development now and in future. Built on Microsoft Dynamics, CURO is not just another proprietary advice system. By extending Dynamics to satisfy the end-to-end needs of advice businesses, CURO also provides world-class CRM and native integration with everyday Microsoft applications.


Dynamic Planner

Dynamic Planner is a leading investment risk profiling and financial planning service. It provides comprehensive tools for financial advisors to assess risk tolerance, construct portfolios, and deliver personalized investment strategies. The platform's intuitive interface facilitates in-depth financial analysis, aiding advisors in creating tailored recommendations that align with clients' goals and risk preferences. Dynamic Planner is a robust solution that enhances the advisory process by offering detailed insights and actionable data for informed decision-making.

Reporting, Portal & Risk Profiling 


For wealth management firms who want to provide clients with reports across all investment platforms they operate. Fastrak is a client reporting solution that provides significant efficiencies and enables the delivery of high quality, fully customised client annual reporting. Unlike standard CRM systems or manually produced reports, Fastrak offers a greater level of detail, customisation and efficiency than you would normally get from your CRM but aren’t.

Data & Reporting

FINIO Resize

FINIO is the award winning data hub that connects investment platforms with software providers and advisory firms for the flow of investment data. It helps the wealth management sector become more efficient, integrated and enables the flow of complex investment data that is increasingly required to power today’s software systems.



Moneyinfo is a comprehensive financial management platform providing users with a centralized hub to manage their finances effectively. It allows individuals to track various financial aspects, including investments, pensions, and banking, all in one place. The platform aims to streamline financial management, offering convenience and accessibility for users to monitor and control their financial portfolios.

Portal & Reporting

Oxford Risk

Unique behavioural finance software for Financial Institutions, Wealth Managers, and Digital Advisers. We provide the most robust assessment of an Investor's Risk, ESG preferences and Financial Personality. Help your investors make the best financial decisions over their lifetimes.

Risk Profiling


Ditch the spreadsheets and messy emails, Plannr is the CRM built for financial advisors ready to streamline their workflow and wow clients. This sleek platform handles it all, from automating tasks and generating documents to secure messaging and branded client portals. Focus on the magic (financial planning!) while Plannr takes care of the mundane, giving you back precious time to grow your business and close more deals. With built-in features like goal tracking, income reconciliation, and real-time reporting, you'll have a clear picture of your clients' progress and impress them with data-driven insights.

CRM, Portal, Financial Planning & All-in-one


Wealthbox is a user-friendly and efficient CRM  software designed specifically for financial advisors. It offers a suite of tools to streamline client management, including contact management, task tracking, and communication features. Wealthbox aims to enhance advisor-client relationships by centralizing information and facilitating seamless interactions within a user-friendly interface.



PlannerPal is a dynamic organizational tool built for streamlined task management and enhanced productivity. With its intuitive interface and customizable features, users can efficiently plan, organize, and track tasks. Whether managing personal projects or collaborating with teams, PlannerPal simplifies scheduling with its seamless integration across devices. Renowned for its simplicity and efficiency, PlannerPal is the go-to solution for individuals and teams aiming to optimize their workflow and achieve their goals effectively.



AdviceBridge is an innovative financial planning software that simplifies the advisory process. It's designed to facilitate meaningful client interactions by offering intuitive tools and personalized planning solutions. With its user-friendly interface and focus on comprehensive financial guidance, AdviceBridge empowers advisors to deliver tailored recommendations and strengthen client relationships efficiently.

Financial Planning


Aixigo is a pioneering digitalization platform for financial institutions, revolutionizing the way banking services are delivered. It offers cutting-edge solutions that optimize banking processes and enhance client experiences through innovative technology and personalized financial services. Aixigo's comprehensive platform empowers financial institutions to provide seamless, efficient, and customized solutions, elevating their competitiveness in the digital banking landscape.

CRM & All-in-one


Comentis is known for its innovative financial planning software. It offers a comprehensive platform that assists financial advisors in delivering personalized and effective financial solutions to their clients. Comentis provides tools and solutions that streamline financial planning processes, aiding advisors in creating tailored strategies and enhancing client relationships through insightful and accurate advice.



Conquest is recognized for its sophisticated financial planning software. The platform is designed to empower financial professionals, providing them with advanced tools for comprehensive financial analysis and planning. Conquest assists advisors in creating detailed and personalized financial strategies, optimizing client portfolios, and delivering insightful guidance to meet individual financial goals effectively.

Financial Planning & Cashflow



Dextera, developed by Verve, is a solution geared towards enhancing financial planning processes. It offers tools and technology that aid financial professionals in creating tailored strategies for their clients. Dextera aims to streamline workflows, optimize financial analysis, and empower advisors to deliver personalized and effective financial guidance.

Productivity & Compliance


EV is known for its innovative tools in the financial advisory realm. It aims to enhance the advisory process by providing cutting-edge technology and solutions to financial professionals. EV's platform offers comprehensive tools to streamline workflows, analyze financial data, and assist advisors in delivering personalized financial guidance to their clients.

Risk Profiling & Financial Planner

FE Analytics

FE Analytics powers your entire investment proposition, whether you invest in individual funds, multi-asset funds and DFMs. It can help you analyse investment solutions, increase efficiency and demonstrate the value of your investment propositions to your clients.

With over 300,000 funds and instruments to browse and compare, including UT & OEICS, ITs, Offshore, Onshore and DFMs, you can easily shortlist funds based on your suitability criteria and run detailed analysis to support your investment recommendation.

Data, Reporting & Research



Finametrica is recognized for its risk profiling solutions. It offers sophisticated tools and assessments to gauge an individual's risk tolerance and investment preferences. Finametrica's platform provides detailed risk analysis and profiling, assisting financial professionals in aligning investment recommendations with clients' risk appetites to create personalized and suitable investment strategies.

Risk Profiling



FinCalc is widely recognized as a financial calculation tool used extensively by financial professionals. It offers a diverse range of calculators and tools tailored for various financial calculations, including mortgages, loans, savings, and retirement planning. FinCalc provides accurate and efficient calculations, supporting financial advisors and clients in making informed decisions based on specific scenarios and goals.

Financial Planning & Cashflow


Fintegrate is a comprehensive financial integration platform. It offers a suite of tools and solutions designed to seamlessly integrate and streamline financial processes, data, and systems. Fintegrate provides an efficient and cohesive framework, enabling financial institutions to optimize operations, enhance data management, and potentially improve customer experiences through integrated financial services.

Reporting & Data

Focus Solutions

Focus Solution's hybrid advice technology stands out as one of the most comprehensive solutions available in the current market. Beyond the conventional back-office systems, Focus' technology delivers innovative digital client engagement and onboarding, streamlines advice services, and provides a holistic view of the business, encompassing team productivity and compliance audits.

CRM & Financial Planning


Futureform is a provider of innovative software in the finance industry. Offering technology solutions designed to optimize processes, focusing on areas such as financial planning, data analysis, or client management. Futureform's software aims to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in financial operations, supporting professionals in delivering high-quality services to their clients.



Genovo is acknowledged as a specialized provider of report generation software specifically tailored for financial advisors. Their platform offers templates and tools designed to streamline the creation of personalized, compliant, and detailed client reports. Genovo's software is recognized for its efficiency in producing high-quality reports, enabling advisors to deliver comprehensive and professional documentation to their clients.



Technology allied to a regulated service, the SS&C Hubwise platform gives you unparalleled access to powerful technology that energizes your investment capability. Cutting-edge, modern, in-house developed technology for forward-thinking investment propositions. SS&C Hubwise empowers your business by providing a more cost-effective solution, offering a wider choice of investments and automating key processes.

Platformtech & Other


Ignition is a company that provides financial advice technology. They combine human and digital advice to help customers make better financial decisions. Their technology helps financial institutions scale their advice models. Ignition’s services are delivered through advisor-led, customer self-serve, and customer-assisted journeys.

Financial Planning


InvestCloud stands out as a leading provider of digital solutions for finance, offering a versatile platform tailored for the industry's needs. Their comprehensive suite of tools and applications streamlines financial services, empowering firms to create personalized client experiences and optimize operations through cutting-edge technology.

Financial Planning & Portal

Model Office

Model Office-MO® employs compliance-driven research and data to benchmark your financial working environment against 5 regulatory keys, offering automated diagnostic reports against FCA requirements. Firms using MO® gain substantial compliance cost savings, improved PII renewal rates, and enhanced quality MI and GRC data.

Reporting & Data

Money alive

Money Alive is a platform designed for financial professionals, offering interactive and educational content that simplifies complex financial topics for clients. The platform aims to improve client engagement and understanding through its user-friendly approach, facilitating meaningful conversations about financial matters.



Designed for advisers and their teams, Ningi is the first integrated financial management solution that helps you to run and grow your practice. With Ningi, you can streamline workflows, automate tasks, and generate reports, all in a secure cloud-based platform. This means you can focus on what matters most - growing your business, selling more services, and scaling faster than ever before.

All-in-one & Financial Planning

Open Advice

Open Advice is a financial advice platform that empowers advisors with technology to deliver human-centered financial advice. Their platform streamlines workflows, from client onboarding and investment profiling to risk assessment and document management. This digital toolkit, coupled with human expertise, allows advisors to provide comprehensive financial advice to their clients, all accessible through a convenient mobile app.

Financial Planning


Pano isn't just a financial planning tool, it's a time-saving superpower for advisors. Forget tedious report writing – Pano automates it in under 5 minutes, generating stunning, branded client documents that impress. Its cutting-edge technology keeps track of your clients' wealth in real-time, powered by AI to guide them towards their goals. 

Data, Reporting, Productivity & Compliance


Forget clunky spreadsheets and lost customer insights. Salesforce unites your entire business – marketing, sales, service, commerce, and even IT – in a single, cloud-based CRM. Streamline workflows, close deals faster, and leave customers raving, all on a platform designed to scale with your ambitious plans. From budding startups to seasoned giants, Salesforce empowers businesses to forge deeper connections and unlock endless possibilities.



Enhance client onboarding and compliance with SIFA AI, the intelligent solution streamlining suitability letter generation. This revolutionary platform leverages cutting-edge AI to produce accurate and compliant documents in mere minutes, freeing your financial advisors to focus on building deeper client relationships. Eliminate time-consuming manual processes and ensure regulatory adherence, all while delivering a superior client experience.

Communication & Reporting

T4A Power Platform

Time4Advice Power Platform empowers financial advisors with a bespoke digital ecosystem, built on the robust foundation of Microsoft's Power Platform. Transcend antiquated manual processes and embrace automated client onboarding, real-time investment tracking, and dynamic goal planning. Streamline compliance reporting and generate insightful data visualizations, tailored to your unique practice needs. Time4Advice empowers you to deliver superior client experiences, optimize workflows, and make informed decisions, propelling your practice towards a data-driven and future-proof success.

CRM & All-in-one


Ditch mortgage maze fatigue. Tembo, your award-winning guide, analyzes 100+ lenders and 20,000+ products to tailor the perfect homeownership path. First-timer, seasoned mover, or remortgage pro, Tembo empowers your vision with personalized options, expert support, and a dedicated advisor. Make homeownership a journey, not a burden. Choose Tembo.

Other & Ancilliary


Timeline elevates financial advice through a potent synergy of technology and human expertise. Its robust platform streamlines workflows, generates insightful reports, and manages evidence-based investment portfolios with meticulous precision. This empowers advisors to transcend administrative burdens and dedicate their focus to cultivating trust, crafting bespoke financial plans, and delivering exceptional value to their clients. Timeline fosters a unique ecosystem where efficiency thrives, costs diminish, and optimized portfolios pave the way for a secure and prosperous financial future. It is a paradigm shift, empowering advisors to become trusted guides on a journey towards financial well-being.

Financial Planning


Truth, the UK's leading Lifelong Cashflow Modelling tool, empowers advisors to illuminate financial futures with precision. This clarity translates life goals into realities, guiding clients and navigating any scenario with confidence. Truth: beyond projections, a complete ecosystem empowering advisors to architect financial well-being, one journey at a time.

Financial Planning

Video Canvas

Elevate financial communication beyond traditional means with Video Canvas. Embrace dynamic engagement and transform complex information into personalized, interactive video experiences that captivate clients and foster clear understanding. The secure platform, equipped with detailed analytics and self-serve options, empowers you to craft memorable, impactful interactions. Unleash the vivid potential of Video Canvas and watch client engagement soar to new heights.



Voyant isn't just financial plans, it's a financial compass. Their AI-powered platform guides you and your clients towards brighter financial futures with personalized insights, interactive tools, and data-driven recommendations. Dive deep into goals, assess risks, and optimize strategies, all in a clear, visually engaging interface. Voyant empowers informed decisions, builds trust, and unlocks a world of financial confidence. Plan with purpose, plan with Voyant.

Financial Planning


Centology offers a wealth management software solution for digital advisors. Launched in 2019, it aims to overcome limitations of existing tools by providing a unified platform. Features include customizable client portals, automated workflows, and document storage. Benefits include increased efficiency, improved client communication, and cost reduction. Centology caters to digital wealth managers seeking a comprehensive solution to enhance their practice.

All-in-one, CRM, Financial Planning, Portal & Leads


Wealthcraft functions as an executive assistant for businesses, allowing professionals to allocate more time to clients and less to administrative tasks. With its integrated CRM capabilities and a user-friendly portal, WealthCraft streamlines workflows, facilitates client interaction, and minimizes administrative burdens, promoting efficient and effective client servicing.

CRM & Portal

Xplan Mortgages

Xplan Mortgages is a dedicated software solution for mortgage advisors, streamlining the entire mortgage process. With an intuitive interface and a comprehensive suite of tools, it covers client onboarding, application submission, decision-making support, and compliance checks. From affordability assessments to document management, Xplan Mortgages enables advisors to efficiently deliver personalized mortgage solutions while ensuring regulatory compliance.



DocuSign redefines agreement management by digitizing the preparation, signing, and handling of documents. As a leading eSignature platform, it accelerates business workflows and ensures the legality and security of electronic signatures. With its user-friendly interface and robust security, DocuSign enables remote execution of agreements, transforming how businesses handle contracts, forms, and approvals in today's digital landscape.



Equifax is a leading global data and analytics company that provides businesses and individuals with essential insights for informed financial decisions. Specializing in credit reporting, risk assessment, and identity verification, Equifax offers innovative solutions that help businesses understand consumer behavior and manage risk. Simultaneously, it equips individuals with tools to monitor and safeguard their credit profiles. Trusted for its commitment to data accuracy, security, and innovation, Equifax serves as a valuable partner in navigating the complexities of financial information.



HubSpot is a customer platform with all the software, integrations, and resources you need to connect your marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. HubSpot's connected platform enables you to grow your business faster by focusing on what matters most: your customers.

CRM & Website


Mailchimp is a versatile all-in-one marketing platform that simplifies reaching audiences for businesses of all sizes. With intuitive tools for email marketing, audience insights, ad campaigns, and customer relationship management, Mailchimp streamlines marketing strategies in a single user-friendly interface. It enables users to craft engaging emails, target specific audiences, track performance metrics, and automate workflows, making it an essential choice for businesses aiming to expand their brand and engage customers seamlessly across multiple channels.

Marketing & Communication


MailerLite is an intuitive email marketing platform that simplifies communication for businesses. With its user-friendly interface, it streamlines the creation, management, and analysis of email campaigns. From designing captivating newsletters to automating workflows, MailerLite offers an accessible and powerful solution for businesses aiming to connect with their audience effectively.

Marketing & Communication


Notion is a dynamic all-in-one workspace transforming how teams organize and collaborate. Combining note-taking, project management, databases, and more into a single platform, Notion offers a versatile and intuitive interface. Users can customize workspaces, collaborate in real-time, and adapt workflows to their unique requirements, making it a popular choice for streamlined task management, knowledge sharing, and project coordination.

CRM & Productivity


QuickBooks is an intuitive accounting software tailored for small businesses and freelancers. With user-friendly features for invoicing, expense tracking, and tax management, it streamlines financial tasks. Offering desktop and online versions, QuickBooks connects bank accounts, tracks income and expenses, and generates insightful reports for informed financial management. Trusted for its accessibility and efficiency, it's a go-to choice for businesses seeking streamlined accounting processes.



Sage is a top-tier provider of cloud-based business management solutions, offering comprehensive software for accounting, HR, and payroll. Tailored to various industries, Sage streamlines operations, supports financial management, and ensures compliance. Renowned for its innovation and customer-centric approach, Sage delivers flexible and intuitive tools, empowering businesses globally to manage operations efficiently and drive growth.



SurveyMonkey is an intuitive online survey platform designed for effortless data collection and analysis. With user-friendly features and diverse survey templates, it simplifies creating custom surveys. Its powerful analytics tools enable insightful analysis of responses, making it a top choice for gathering valuable data and making informed decisions efficiently.