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Enabling AI for financial advisers

Get your data AI ready with Woven Advice


Why use Woven?

We have 45+ years of advice data experience. We know how to power your data to business outcomes.

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Plug and play Management information

Woven Advice unlocks your business and client’s data to help you make better business decisions and grow your practice.

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Metrics and filters
Know your numbers

All your data in a single powerful dashboard

Make better business decisions, save money and maximise profits.

Management information is essential to the modern business to help your business reach its goals.

Your data, connected and protected

Secure integrated dashboards

Woven doesn't collect or store any personally identifiable data from your client records whilst still powering valuable insights.

We direct you to insights and data inconsistencies, without compromising your data security.

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Integration orchestration

Weave your data together from the data sources that matter

Sick of integrations that don't really work or leave you worse off than you started?

We're committed to lifting the game of the industry. If your software provider is not keeping up, talk to us about how you can leverage our data management platform to become more efficient, saving time and money. 

Your Decisions, Data Driven

We put you in control of your data, and power you to succeed with fully informed business decisions.


Integrate your Back-office system with Woven Advice to sort, cleanse and structure your firm's data.


We aggregate all your data in one place to enhance your records and provide better advice.


Use aggregated data to explore insights and recommendations to supercharge your practice.


Grow into your firms data transformation journey.

How many advisers or planners are in your firm?

Instant business metrics for your firm
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Unlimited exports
Data cleansing guide
AI driven data tools to help you grow your practice.
Unlimited integrations
Automated data cleansing
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Custom integrations, dashboard and data services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We are here to help

My back-office data quality is not high. How will Woven help me?

Woven is not only designed to show your your data via metrics, it also helps you interrogate for data problems and fix the data at source.

Ultimately, we'll ensure you have a great looking dashboard.

I'm looking to sell my practice, how will Woven help me?

In selling your practice, you'll be asked to provide numerous reports and spreadsheets to meet data due diligence requirements from your buyer. Woven automates this process so that you can save time, money and expertise on more important things, like improving the data.

How soon before selling my practice should I start working on my data?

Now. It is never too soon to start fixing your data and improving your operations. Our dashboards will help guide you on your way.

Where can data be integrations from?

We currently support integrations from back-offices. If you don't use one of the major services today, please get in contact and we will try and help you in other ways.

We're currently working on integrations with platform providers to enhance your data dashboards. 

I store most of my data in spreadsheets. Can I still use Woven?

Yes, get in touch with our friendly support team at and we'll help you import from spreadsheets and show you some alternative ways to manage your data.

Can I share my dashboards with a consultant?

Yes you can share your dashboards with any consultants, board members, or other collaborators that need to see your metrics.


These permissions are controlled by the advice firm.

I'm worried about data security. What do I need to know to feel more comfortable.

We've intentionally designed Woven to stay away from your client's personally identifiable data to minimise the risk to your practice. All client are viewed with client ID numbers and no names, emails, or addresses are stored by Woven.

We currently use a number of different back-office systems. Can we aggregate the data into one dashboard?

Yes, our unified data model allows you to aggregate different system data into one, and to be able to breakdown into metrics across the entire data set.

We want to buy another advice firm. How can Woven help?

Woven can help in two ways.

1. We can help you perform data due diligence on the target firm with their permission. This will help you align your data sets and better understand how you can both benefit from working together.

2. Once acquired, we can streamline the integration process and data cleansing tasks associated with combining your businesses. We provide helpful options for either migration or continuing to operate dual back-office systems.

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